Legend of Erhia – Armageddon is a non-profit project inspired by the Might and Magic series that is being created with Rpg Maker VX. LOE – Armageddon is using many custom scripts to bring the game’s mechanics to a cross between MMIV-V (World of Xeen) and Might and Magic VII. The project also uses a highly modified version of the first person perspective script adapted to work with LOE – Armageddon.

Some of the features include:

* = Once completed

- Dynamic random treasure system with hordes of different enchantment types and a large variety of different material types
- Day and night including a calendar system
- A Might and Magic VII skill system including expert, master, and grandmaster levels
- Turn based grid movement like World of Xeen
- Customizable five member party
- 11 classes with 2 promotion levels
- *Over 100 quests
- *Over 70 maps
- 8 schools of magic and over 25 skills
- And much more!