Legend of Erthia – The Etheral Gate

Legend of Erthia: The Etheral Gate is the Ultima approach to LOE: Armageddon. This is a commercial project I am also working on next to LOE: Resurrection. It will be the same price, about 5 dollars. As a side note, LOE: Armageddon is not commercial, that is my non-profit project. Anyways, I’ve decided to take a retro approach to the game, very U3: Exodus-like. There is an overworld, battles are tactical, and the graphical style is rogue-like. Keep in mind some but not all of the graphical assets right now are place holders such as some of the character sprites. The idea behind LOE: TEG is to get more character interaction and story telling in. LOE: Armageddon is pretty simple and straight forward with no character interaction due to the nature of the game...

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Legend of Erthia: Resurrection

Legend of Erthia Resurrection! So, reflecting on the news from the LOE Facebook page. Here is the title of the U7 approach of LOE which has now branched off onto an Ultima Online based experience but offline. I had to branch off the U7 approach due to complications with the ABS script, it is only functional while playing as a solo character.

LOE – Resurrection has a lot already implemented into it such as a skill system similar to Ultima Online. I have already began working on it over a year ago. This is a commercial project (3-5 bucks) which will hold a lot of excitement if you are indeed familiar with UO.

The features will include: Ultima Onine like skill and progress system, crafting, mining, a 100% open world, and consequences for dying. If you die, it will be similar to UO...

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